2013-07-01 21:47:04 by linksteezy

What's up everyone, I am brand new to Newgrounds. My friend suggested that I make an account on here to share some of my artwork. You can find more of it on my art tumblr, jeremy-ponce.tumblr.com. There are tons of way to contact me. I put a bunch of the information in my bio and I have links to my tumblr, twitter, and instagram.

A lot of my artwork consists of band related things. I like to draw logos and live action shots. I also draw tons of comics but I don't feel like posting those.

But let me tell you guys a little something about myself, I love soccer and hockey. I love hardcore and punk music. My all time favorite band is The Story so Far. My other favorite bands include Seahaven, Backtrack, Incendiary, State Champs, Major League and I fucking love ASAP Rocky and other rappers. I'll see you in the pit. I love The Legend of Zelda as well. And hey I love to draw. Talk to me, get to know me, let's be friends.